Welcome to the all-new Movement

Join us to prioritize people over profits, help local business and fight income inequality and climate change.

Help launch a groundbreaking social platform

Imagine a vastly-improved Facebook seamlessly integrated with a modernized eBay, Uber and stable Bitcoin

Over 1,000 engineers and 800,000 alpha test users have quietly pulled off what the experts said would be still 5-10 years away:

The world's very first fully-integrated social network, cryptocurrency and transactions-infused marketplace, crowdsourced worker, transportation, education, judicial and political systems

Uniquely of the people, by the people, for the people:

The world’s first social platform that doesn’t extract profits for Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaire overlords– instead distributing them to where they came from and belong (its users)

Prioritizes people over profits:

Built to fight income inequality and climate change – as opposed to simply creating wealth for shareholders

Help small businesses fight back:

Empowering them with technology, tools and customers

How it Works

Instead of wasting time with echo-chamber rabbit hole content designed to enrich social media overlords, new users immediately start building trust with others in a measurable and transparent way

Within weeks, they have a network of people they can trust to help them earn

Users start earning by simply doing that which they’re already accustomed to doing in all other social media: Posting and sharing content such as photos, videos, status updates and blog posts.

Each day, users learn how much they earned from all their activities, with their funds deposited in their account balance

Users can utilize their earnings to purchase products or services for sale or rent by their neighbors, or even cash some out

Users can also utilize their earnings to shop at hundreds of shops and restaurants in their area

Built on Innovation

The Movement is a collaboration between technologists and top economists and political scientists from MIT, Yale, Duke, UC Berkeley, Princeton and Colombia universities.

It all started when the Movement's founders invented virtual currency, and then quietly spent nearly 2 decades inventing, building and testing everything else required to deliver a robust economy to every corner of the world, including (inventing and patenting) the original concepts for:

Applications in social networks

View U.S. Patent

Transactions within applications

View U.S. Patent

Transactions over mobile devices

View U.S. Patent

The Movement's inventions are used by virtually all major tech companies

Here's a sample of companies that, today, are referencing the Movement's patents in their own official patent filings:

brand 1

Here's a sample of companies that, today, are outright utilizing the Movement's patented inventions:

brand 2

"It is virtually impossible to monetize social media without violating the Movement's patents."

- Joseph Agiato, Patent Expert

A currency powering a new global economy

The Movement invented virtual currency and has the most knowledge, experience, tools and widely tested product features around creating and sustaining demand for virtual currency.

The currency acts as the transactional unit of account within the platform's ecosystem. Users earn currency from all activities they perform within the platform and can spend them in a variety of ways:

Earn by posting

To ensure that everyone can immediately benefit from the currency, users earn by simply doing that which they're already accustomed to doing in all other social media: Posting and sharing content such as photos, videos, status updates and blogs.

Earn by selling and sharing

Users earn currency by selling or sharing products; and by using their free time to provide services.

Engineers and product managers

The team that designed and built the platform are paid directly with currency, which they can spend within the platform or cash out.

Educators, moderators and arbitrators

Virtually all of the work required to operate the platform is accomplished by workers using the platform's proprietary crowdsourcing software. Everyone is paid using the currency.

Earn by transporting

Transporters earn currency for picking up and delivering products that are sold or shared within the platform, including from local shops and restaurants.

Discounts from local shops and restaurants

Users get discounts from thousands of brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants, converting their earned currency in the platform to local currency on the fly.

Buy and use products and services

Users can utilize currency to purchase and use products and services from other users around the world in the platform's peer-2-peer marketplace.

Cash out funds

Users can withdraw and convert their currency to any of over 100 currencies including U.S. Dollars and Euros.

The currency exclusively powers
the most robust marketplace
in existence

Check out all the capabilities provided for free in a simple-to-use fully integrated interface:


Users earn currency by selling or sharing products; and by using their free time to provide services.

Users can utilize currency to purchase or use (rent) products and services.

Users can then choose to pick up their purchase on their own or pay a transporter currency to deliver it to them.

Users can even start an auction by simply clicking on an object in a photo to place their bid using currency.

Efficiency via crowdsourcing

Virtually every role in the Movement's economy is crowdsourced to the users of the platform with new roles opening up automatically as the economy grows. In this manner, the economy can scale as quickly as it needs to in every country across the globe.

All users are assigned a free crowdsourced ‘Guide’ to help them become successful members of the economy. All communications between Guides and their students are audited by multiple crowdsourced auditors to ensure the highest quality support possible.

All crowdsourced workers have access to appropriate student activity data so that they can help them be as productive as possible in the platform.

Crowdsourced workers benefit from robust back office systems built just for them.

Users can create ads for any product in the marketplace. Crowdsourced moderators review and approve/reject ads before they are made public.

All marketplace listings go through a moderation process before being displayed publicly. Crowdsourced moderators review and approve/reject marketplace listings before they are made public.

The platform offers free dispute management for all marketplace transactions. Crowdsourced arbitrators resolve all marketplace disputes.

Uniquely attacking the climate crisis by enabling

Everything fast and free

Imagine having anything you want or need

for virtually free and in your hands fast (60 mins)

About the Movement

The Movement's mission is to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

It aims to achieve its mission using its transformative economy that was built in a collaborative effort between 1,000 technologists and many of the world's leading economists and political scientists.

The Movement's overarching goal is to help half the planet earn an average of $25/day by the year 2025

(Currently half the world lives on $5/day or less)

Are you looking for a way to change the world?

Join us as a territory owner – introducing the Movement to your local community. This will be your business – you’ll own it. We’ll train you and give you everything you need. You’ll need to have 5 years of management experience

Join us as an account executive on your college campus – introducing the Movement to local merchants near campus or to student organizations on campus. We’ll train you and give you everything you need. No prior work experience required

Join us as a merchant and let us bring you customers – students, faculty and staff from your local colleges and universities

Or join us as a college student and take advantage of the many ways we’ve developed for you to earn, shop and socialize, while making the world a better place for your generation and beyond

Simply reach out and let us know which role is ideal for you to start making a difference!